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" Fashion goes out of style. Style never goes out of fashion"
Coco Chanel

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colour Layering

Chatting to a fellow interior designer last week she was asked to write an article about changing interiors with the seasons. Being a serial "cushionaholic" - self confessed, we chatted about the simplest and most cost effective ways to make interiors pop for the different seasons... AND you guessed it cushions were top of the list followed by flowers and regrouping of objects and also layering for the colder seasons. I have found some great examples of layering courtesy of BHG magazine and what a difference a cushion and throw can make to a room, the before and afters are very telling. So give it a go and make some changes for us in Australia, Spring is looming (Can't come quickly enough) so it's a great time to start and plan some changes.

What an amazing difference a bit of layering with cushions, art, rugs, throw and flowers - all accessories. I love it! How simple is that?
Then this simple detailing of a rug and cushion, taking this corner from bland to beautiful -  the addition of the throw and flowers makes it pop even more.

 Then we got talking about grey which is everywhere right now in homes and fashion. It can be subtley beautiful and is of varying shades but needs colour to make it work. I love this simple blue/grey distressed cupboard arrangement how simple and stunning!  Enjoy

Friday, April 30, 2010

Closets and Wardrobes

Having looked at a few new houses recently one thing that is clear is that finally closets or wardrobes are getting bigger even too big in a couple of instances (though more shopping could assist with that problem no doubt!). If you are like most of us I could probably sort mine out daily and it still wouldn't be ideal.
As well fitted out as it is we still struggle to keep everything neat. I have found some great looking closets from BHG (see above and below) and thought I would share these with you. Some simple ideas from well placed hooks to well stored shoes with one heel in one out, this all makes for an organised easy to use space. For the rest of us probably a big throw out is the answer. Do we really need 6 black jackets that all look pretty similar. What I would like to find is a brilliant way to store scarves. I have found a scarf hanger in Ikea which is part way effective for some scarves but I am still looking for the ultimate storage system. I have well over 50 scarves, several classic silk squares over 20 years old and as a scarf designer these days the number of scarves will continue to grow so help is required. I couldn't possibly part with any of them as I wear them all occasionally and they are all so beautiful in their own ways. My philiosophy is they make your outfit along with other accessories such as bags, shoes and jewellery, with great accessories a plain inexpensive T'shirt and pants can look amazing. Accessories are King and that goes for our home too with regards to objets, collections and of course my favourite cushions.
And below is my favourite, somehow all white makes it easier to see things, agree?
 Happy sorting, it is wonderful therapy and like all de-cluttering it does help clear the mind. The change of seasons is a great time to achieve some new space in your wardrobe. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Patterns and Pastels - Accessories and Wallpapers

Apologies for long time between Blogs - life just got kinda hmmm!!!
How delighted I am to see colour and pattern back in soft furnishings and upholstery and Yes wallpaper, I am really loving. A stunning feature wall of wallpaper will not encroach, there are some glorious options out there.  Pastels are around,  I particularly am loving the florals and patterns  -  are we finally over the all beige and greige??? Don't get me wrong, they are great basic furnishing colours but oh so drab with no dressing - think self and how would we look. We need some colour and some lipstick and accessories to brighten us just like our surroundings. So go some pattern and see the dramatic and happy change it makes to your space! Enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Colour my World!

As I sit here designing some gorgeous new cushions and sourcing luscious fabrics, I have decided I am in need of large doses of colour. We have seen neutrals for so long now and I am ready for splashes of vibrant colour. The GFC is over so lets get bright and happy and surround ourselves with some "interior sunshine".
It appears others feel the same as there is more colour now than we have seen in ages, so be brave. Remember its simple to add colour through painting a wall and adding some stunning cushions, two inexpensive ways to change and colour your own worlds. I found these lovely rooms from BHG America magazine.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am Woman goes on Sale

And I forgot to mention (how remiss) that I am Woman is having her once a year sale, some great bargains, all jewellery is reduced, selected handbags, gifts, cushions and stunning silk quilts and some homewares to clear for the new stock arriving soon. Happy Shopping!

The Home Office

Spending a day sorting and tidying my home office and got distracted and searched for some inspiration online and found these gorgeous spaces from BHG to inspire working at home. Too gorgeous not to share then its back to the task at hand. Loving the use of bright colours with sharp white. Had a great week as finally received my formal graduation as an interior designer yesterday! Long overdue just never got around to studying formally but now its all done and that makes a girl very pleased with herself! Back to the office sorting - enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Iamwoman Online: Christmas Table and The Mosaic Outside Table

Iamwoman Online: Christmas Table and The Mosaic Outside Table

Christmas Table and The Mosaic Outside Table

Happy New Year to you all.
I am finally back from a great break in the gorgeous Clare Valley and whilst it was some fun we also worked hard on our property there. Here was my Christmas table and the outside table I spent hours on the mosaic, but thrilled with the result, it was well and truly christened with some fine wines!

And just had to publish the other two shots from our Bed & Breakfast property Artwine Cottages, the dam is full and it's looking glorious even though the naughty Skippy was nibbling our new vines. Interested in staying there www.artwine.com.au

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gorgeous Entrances and storage

These are some wonderful entrances and include some fabulous storage. I could use a boot/cloak room in our weekender - it would be perfect, not sure that it would be kept as nice as this one by MOTH though, but I can dream!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Door Wreaths

Hi Yes I know a long time between blogs, but life is really busy it's nearly Christmas and I am Woman is busy sending out special parcels to some amazing places around the world and I have had blogging issues with getting pictures uploaded!
Anyway I have just put up our wreath on the front door and I have found some other interesting wreaths from Better Homes and Gardens to share with you - you never know they may inspire!